Your guide to resolution using Laurl


When choosing a new report, focus on the type of concern reported to start taking steps toward resolving it.

Here's some helpful examples to get you started.

Manager or Peer Communication


This report type concerns day-to-day challenges between and among managers and team members that are typically able to be clarified or resolved with a little research, active listening, or resource sharing. These issues by no means less important than other issues. Because over time, these daily manager or peer concerns can sometimes snowball into feeling unwelcome, intimidating or unfriendly.

Examples of these include communication clashes and email flubs, or productivity issues. These types of reports can resolve by clarifying guidelines or policies, or sharing strategies for building empathy, framing successful meetings, modeling better collaboration between peers, etc.

Unwelcome or Inappropriate Situations


Concerns about unwelcome or intimidating situations may include words or actions that someone thinks are happening because of their individual characteristics, like accent, skin color, religious beliefs or gender, among others. These can include reports of microaggressions or bias, as well as concerns about aggressive or unfair behavior or messages.

Examples of resolution pathways may include providing outreach, taking interim measures, diversity and inclusion practice, strengthening policies, training, ERGs as resources, coaching or discipline, among other outcomes.

Organizational Concerns

Organizational changes can create team uncertainty, which impacts people and culture. Concerns about these shifts generally arise with new policies, team restructuring, or layoffs.  And they sometimes precipitate challenges to manager or peer communication.

What are the some of the areas impacted by these concerns? Communication planning, wellness, benefits and comp, ERG support, coaching for growth, and employee engagement, to name a few!


After you've created a report, get started on resolution using one of Laurl's three-step workplans.


This is the first phase in the resolution framework. Here, the People Team can provide outreach and resources to employees and managers when they need it most. It's a great way to remind your team of the ways they're supported every day, especially during difficult situations, and set expectations for the resolution process early on.


During this phase, you'll learn about the teams and people involved, including any bystanders. You can add the information and stories you gather right in Laurl's dynamic Notes. Here, it's easy to keep track of the information you've gathered, timeline and to-do's


During this phase, you'll be wrapping up your findings, tracking your recommendation and sharing resolution outcomes with those who need to know.

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