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Culture & compliance, simplified

Track, manage, and automate your resolution process in one platform

3-Step Process

People problems are hard enough. They shouldn't need impossible processes to resolve them.

Deep Insights

We measure resolution outcomes to understand the real drivers for expensive turnover.


Updates and nudges to keep everyone in the loop who needs to know.


We enable employee touchpoints early and often, to keep transparency high and friction low.

Hot Spots Tracking

We show you what's tracking and trending, to catch issues early.


We support integrations with nearly a dozen HRIS and payroll providers.

Where Investigations Meets Insights

We're powering the first empathy-driven Resolution Management Platform for modern teams

Accountability for tomorrow's employees

Workplace inequity is a pervasive issue. Mistreatment and unfairness are among the leading causes of turnover, costing an employer on average between 50% and 250% of an employee's salary.* Even worse, companies could face a harassment lawsuit that costs on average $160,000 to defend.**

Laurl makes it easy to prioritize equity, transparency, and accountability in this era of progress for #metoo and Black Lives Matter.

Using Laurl, companies can stay ahead of daily issues contributing to burnout and serious behaviors that lead to fallout, like bias, micro-aggressions, or misconduct.

*2019 Gallup, "This Fixable Problem Costs U.S. Businesses $1 Trillion"/**2017 Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits

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The days of black box employee relations are no more

Murky investigations practices from 40 years ago don't work for the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Laurl is your modern day SaaS for Employee Relations, helping People Operations teams stay consistently and transparently on track and on time when resolving employee concerns.

Unlike spreadsheets and paper notes, Laurl guides to better results with less administrative work, reduced risk to employers, and less friction in the process.

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Finally, a data-driven approach to people resolutions

Aside from counting closure rates, managing workplace investigations has never been a data-driven practice. Laurl's working to change that.

Using Laurl's insights on key drivers and outcomes, companies can detect patterns for prevention and early intervention. Laurl also gathers data on outcomes, the first tool of its kind to do so.

HR can supercharge ⚡ People Operations with Laurl's easy-to-follow workflow and automated insights that save time and money by helping understand the root cause of turnover well before the exit interview.

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