Create a culture built on trust

From burnout to bias, we're powering the first empathy-driven issue management for modern HR and Compliance teams.


We're transforming employee relations.

One metric at a time.

Productivity with Insights

Create reports and start tracking trends in under 10 seconds.

Compliance & Culture

Monitor cultural health and document resolutions, all in one place.

Designed by EEO Experts

Our proven framework is built for any HR team, regardless of experience.

Risk is real, even among the best teams

Undetected and unresolved issues create risk. So is not having a consistent process or framework to manage workplace issues.

Built to benefit everyone

Our metrics are critical insights for VPs and heads of departments, as well as People & Diversity teams across training, engagement, performance management, hiring, and retention.

Improve employee experience

Traditional HR investigations are scary 😱 and ineffective, often resulting in a poor employee experience, turnover, and increased risk for the company. We're changing that.

Trust through transparency

Our resolution framework makes it easy for employees to stay engaged, informed, and have expectations met during the resolution process.
Simple, 3-step approach
Outreach-driven model
Security Shield
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Track the facts, fast

Delivering insights for over 75 data points... and counting.

Cultural health on-demand

See reporting benchmarks and hotspots in real-time on your dashboard.

Create & manage reports that deliver

✌️Goodbye spreadsheets and manual forms. Create reports & start tracking insights immediately.

Update. Save. Audit. Repeat.

We make sure updates and edits are captured behind the scenes, so you can work worry-free & enjoy a seamless visual experience.
Outcomes tracking
Insights for VPs & People Ops
Supports equity and inclusion strategy

Resolution plans that put people first

We believe employee relations should work for the employee first. So when issues arise, the resolution process should be timely, thorough and trusted by everyone.

Timely resolutions

Learn trends early to resolve issues the first time, not 4 months too late

Consistency is compliance

Document info, stories, & steps as they happen, all in one place

Trusted framework, built for growth

We're built for agile and high-growth teams and informed by top civil rights investigation practices
Designed by EEO experts
Trauma-informed approach
Setup wizard

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