A real solution to 

workplace harassment and discrimination.

Laurl helps HR teams stay on track and on time when resolving employee concerns- like manager issues or harassment.

Productivity with Impact

Don't let your workplace become another statistic.  Laurl works to keep HR teams on time when delivering resolution outcomes, not 4 months too late.

Compliance & Culture

Company culture is everything. 

Creating a culture of accountability can actually grow trust, support D&I & increase employee satisfaction.

Designed by EEO experts

Laurl's trauma-informed design & intuitive workflows are designed by a former government investigator yet made for any HR team, regardless of experience. 

Workflows that put people first

Unfortunately, biased behavior that can lead to discrimination still happens, even among the best teams. And when it does, resolution should be timely, thorough and trusted.

Laurl helps your HR team stay on track when investigating employee concerns with automated workflows that let you track the daily hurdles to more serious concerns— like bias and discrimination.  

Track the facts. In real time.

With Laurl, you can easily add, track and update issues, notes and events as things evolve. 

Laurl's automated trackers and helpful reminders come at the right time, to keep compliance and culture in mind.

Workplace equity, resolved

Concerns about inaction or inadequate resolution drive employee dissatisfaction, productivity issues & turnover.


And companies that take steps to make their culture more fair and inclusive can see higher employee retention as a result.*/**

*EEOC Task Force Report on Harassment in the Workplace, 2016

** Kapor Center Tech Leavers Study, 2017

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