Create a culture built on trust

From burnout to bias, we're powering the first empathy-driven Resolution Management Platform.


We're transforming employee relations.

One metric at a time.

Productivity with Insights

Create reports and start tracking trends immediately

Compliance & Culture

Monitor cultural health and document resolutions all in one place

Designed by Experts

Our proven framework is built for any People/HR team, regardless of experience

Risk is real, even among the best teams

Undetected and unresolved people issues create risk that can lead to costly settlements, employee unhappiness, and unwanted turnover.

Timely resolutions

Discover trends to resolve issues early, not 4 months too late.

Consistency is compliance

Document stories & steps as they happen, all in one place.

Trusted framework, built for growth

Built for gathering deep insights for prevention as you grow.
Designed by EEO experts
HRIS Integrations
Easy-to-use frameworks for any HR experience level
Security Shield
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Track the facts, fast

Delivering custom insights you need to get ahead of culture-related turnover, in under 9 seconds

Cultural health on-demand

See reporting benchmarks and hotspots in real-time on your dashboard.

Create & manage reports that deliver

✌️Goodbye spreadsheets and paper files. Create reports & start tracking insights immediately.
Outcomes tracking
Insights for VPs, DEI, & People Ops

Resolution management that manages itself

Remember floppy disks? Neither do we. Workplace investigations haven't changed in over 40 years, but times have.

Built to benefit culture

Being empathy-driven means people and their needs come first.

Employee experience prioritized

Traditional HR investigations can be intimidating and cryptic 😱, but the experience doesn't have to be a negative one.

Trust through transparency

Outreach and updates at the right time, so no one feels left out or left behind.
Safety net for every concern
Empathy-driven process

Supported Integrations

Shrink resolution times with synced payroll and HRIS

Culture & compliance, simplified

Track, manage, and automate your resolution process in one platform

3-Step Process

People problems are hard enough. They shouldn't need impossible processes to resolve them.

Deep Insights

We measure resolution outcomes to understand the real drivers for expensive turnover.


Updates and nudges to keep everyone in the loop who needs to know.


We enable employee touchpoints early and often, to keep transparency high and friction low.

Hot Spots Tracking

We show you what's tracking and trending, to catch issues early.


We support integrations with nearly a dozen HRIS and payroll providers.

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