Employee relations, simplified

Powering an employee-centric experience for issue and Resolution Management

We're transforming Employee Relations

Discover the most innovative platform for managing and resolving employee concerns

Productivity that Scales

Create logs and start tracking trends immediately

Compliance & Culture

Monitor culture issues and document
resolutions all in one place

Designed by Experts

Our proven framework is built for any HR team, regardless of experience

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Real-time data, anytime, anywhere

Delivering analytics your organization needs to prevent culture-related turnover.

Cultural Health On-Demand

See reporting benchmarks and issue hotspots in real-time on the Executive Dashboard, making it easy for leadership and the Board to stay informed.

Resolutions that Deliver

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and paper notes. See your issues, findings, people, and resolution outcomes, all in one place.

Outcomes tracking
Analytics for leadership, managers, & HR

Resolution management for modern reams

Workplace issue resolution hasn't changed in 40 years, but times have.

Built to Benefit Culture

Being empathy-driven means people and their needs come first. Laurl is carving a new path for modern issue resolution by focusing on employee wellbeing and engagement throughout the process.

Employee Experience, Prioritized

Traditional HR processes can be intimidating, which is why you won’t find the word “investigation” used anywhere on Laurl's platform. We built Laurl to be trauma-informed and employee-centric, starting with the first encounter.

Trust through Transparency

Send trauma-informed outreach and updates at the right time, so no one feels left out or left behind.

Safety net for every concern
Empathy-driven approach

Risk is real, even among the best teams

Undetected and unresolved people issues create risk that can lead to costly settlements, employee dissatisfaction, and unwanted turnover.

Timely resolution

Discover trends to resolve issues early, not 4 months too late.

Consistency is compliance

Document stories & steps as they happen, all in one place.

Trusted framework, built for growth

Built for gathering deep analytics for insights as you grow.

Designed by EEO experts
Simple, 3-phase approach

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Laurl is very cutting edge... this is so cool.

Employee Relations Lead, Fortune 100 Company

Outcomes tracking is really interesting. It’s not something I’ve ever seen before.

HR Director, Series C Healthtech Company

[Laurl] is so very necessary. So many of my coworkers have complained [to HR] and never heard back, and it leaves them wondering...how is being handled?

Consultant, Top Global Consulting Firm

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