Resolution Management for Modern Teams

Laurl's Resolution Management Platform is powered for remote working and the issues that come with it.

Built for companies that care about culture

We believe in being proactive, not reactive, when resolving culture concerns.

💪 HR and People Operations

• Improve People Ops efficiency
• Track and prevent culture-related turnover
• Saving tens of thousands by mitigating risk

🌎 Employees and Managers

• Impartial and fair resolution process
• Increased satisfaction and productivity
• Learn and grow in a safer workplace, free from misconduct

💼 The C-Suite

• Know your company health, anytime, anywhere
• Audit costly employment risk in an instant
• Shrink operating costs due to turnover

🌈 Diversity, equity and inclusion

• Target inclusion strategy based on real issue data
• Measure the direct impact of DEI programs

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