Announcing Laurl, a modern employee relations SaaS for HR teams

Announcing Laurl, a modern employee relations SaaS for HR teams

Built for companies who care about culture.

After nearly a year of building, testing, and interviewing over a hundred employees and HR leaders, it's finally here.

Announcing the launch of Laurl— a data-driven SaaS where HR and People Operations teams can consistently track, manage, and resolve employee concerns that impact their organization’s culture, from burnout to bias.

Laurl is changing the status quo for HR resolution management

Murky investigations practices from half a century ago don't resonate with the workforce of today or tomorrow.

Over the past year, we heard from nearly 100 employees at seed stage to public companies relate their encounters with workplace unfairness or mistreatment, many citing inadequate and impersonal internal processes. Throughout my career working in Civil Rights and compliance, I’ve heard over 2500 employee stories echo similar concerns. 

HR and People Operations teams deserve an intuitive solution to track and manage routine and difficult people issues. Current processes like paper files, spreadsheets, or old databases are administratively burdensome. They offer little to no real-time data or visibility for leadership, and lead to inadequate or confusing record-keeping over time, portability challenges, and failed outcomes. 

Now there is a better way.

Finally, a data-driven and empathy-first approach to employee relations

We believe that culture doesn’t have to compromise compliance. Not only is Laurl working to lighten the administrative burden for HR teams, but also automate transparency and engagement for employees throughout the resolution process.

Laurl is not yesterday’s case management system or traditional investigations and risk software. Laurl’s automated workflow strives to be trauma-informed every step of the way, and leads with outreach and empathy-first language to grow employee trust. Its simple, three-phase approach enables consistent documentation to improve People Operations efficiency.

Laurl is built to capture broader issues that affect employees and companies in 2021 and beyond, like remote work burnout, equity and equality, and societal issues that evolve workplace change. 

A few ways Laurl is simplifying Employee Relations:

  • Intuitive, 3-phase approach;
  • 75+ data points, and counting;
  • Hot spots tracking, to spot issues early;
  • Empathy-driven language, built with input from employees who experienced investigations and harassment;
  • Employee outreach and updates built-in;
  • Outcomes logging, including issue-related turnover tracking; and
  • Dynamic notes and resolution template

Laurl’s analytics for the Board, C-Suite, and People Operations make it easier to turn learnings into action and prevention. Executive leadership can see aggregate, real-time data on employee concerns impacting the organization. We’re capturing markers that can lead to trends, in order to empower companies with the data they need to have more timely, consistent, and de-biased resolution outcomes.

Learn how Laurl can supercharge People Operations efficiency

Laurl is the first step for any company who is prioritizing accountability, compliance, culture, and retention. 

We are currently demoing with companies that want to operationalize modern employee relations for their People teams. To learn how Laurl could help your organization, please reach out to us.